Was Aishwarya Rai Lucky to Escape the ‘Heroine’ Disaster?

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Does the release of Heroine this week have Aishwarya Rai counting her blessings?

The film has been panned for its boring, unimaginative script and poorly written characters. For all the hype over Madhur Bhandarkar’s so-called masterpiece, in the end it turned out to be a glorified Lifetime movie. Kareena Kapoor’s performance has received some praise, but considering how stale the film is Aishwarya should probably be glad to lay no claim over it.

http://www.missmalini.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/05/Aishwaryarai_Heroine_movie_poster-530x707.jpgThe Times of India reviewed Heroine favorably, saying that Kareena Kapoor was the film’s saving grace. Oddly though they didn’t praise her acting so much as they did her cleavage and sex scenes. These are scenes which Aishwarya would probably never partake in (certainly not any distasteful intimate scenes at any rate—Indian cinema tends to be a skin show regardless of the morals of the actress in question).

Zee News also pans the film, with the exception of praising Kareena’s daring intimate scenes. So basically Heroine is a traditional Madhur Bhandarkar “woman centric” film, where the looks of the lead actress are exploited to increase ticket sales. Aishwarya should be grateful she got out of the project!

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