Was Alabama Boy Kidnapped for Political Purposes?

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A five-year-old Alabama boy might have been kidnapped for political purposes. At least that’s the fear being expressed by a neighbor of Jimmy Lee Dykes, the man accused of shooting a bus driver dead and kidnapping the child. This latest update adds a frightening element to an already terrifyingly tragic case. And as the hostage situation verges into day five, it’s hard to determine whether or not there will be a happy ending.

Michael Creel is a neighbor of the accused madman and he says he’s been in the homemade bunker where the five-year-old child is being held. He says that Dykes bragged about the makeshift underground shelter when he invited him down inside of it to look around. Creel also revealed a very disturbing possibility in this entire ordeal. He declared that Jimmy Lee Dykes had been making the bunker for months (about a year ago) and that he feels this murder and kidnapping is all because of Dykes’ extreme political views.

“I believe he wants to rant and rave about politics and government,” said Michael Creel.

Creel also said that the boy has been heard crying for his mom and dad while being kept captive in the underground bunker with the old man. The Alabama boy was kidnapped by Jimmy Lee Dykes five days ago when he stepped onto a school bus and killed the driver. Dykes has been described as a menacing figure who is rumored to had beaten a dog to death with a lead pipe. He is also accused of threatening to shoot kids for stepping foot on his property.

What’s been made apparent is that this individual is a danger to the public, yet he’s been allowed to be a “menacing figure” all this time without intervention. Now a child is in grave danger and to think that all of this might be fueled by some sort of political sentiment is just disgusting.

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