Was Charlie Sheen Mocked On ‘Two and a Half Men?’

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Was Charlie Sheen mocked during an episode of Two and a Half Men? It certainly seems that way. See what you think about the scenario regarding Monday night’s episode.

According to a report from TMZ, it really seems like the show’s creator Chuck Lorre took personal aim at Sheen on Monday night’s episode of Two and a Half Men. He even made use of Sheen’s catch phrase–‘winning.’

Jon Cryer was scripted to use words that the late Charlie Harper used during his reign on the show. He pretended to order scotch and hookers–another famous Sheen line. He then actually said, “Winning.”

Charlie sheenPerhaps it isn’t enough that Chuck Lorre chose to kill off Charlie Sheen’s character on Two and a Half Men. Now he feels the need to add insult to injury by mocking the actor. Of course Charlie Sheen got what he deserved when he was fired from Two and a Half Men. And then the nail was driven in nicely when Charlie Harper was killed off. But don’t you think at this point it might be time to bury the proverbial hatchet and let bygones be bygones? At this point Lorre is making a fool of himself and might even be making actors like Jon Cryer feel a bit foolish, too. Wouldn’t it be interesting to learn how he felt about saying those particular lines?

Did you see Monday night’s episode of Two and a Half Men? Do you think Chuck Lorre was deliberately taking shots at Sheen? Do you agree that perhaps it’s time to let this entire issue go?

It will be interesting to learn if Charlie Sheen himself has heard that he was quite likely mocked on Two and a Half Men on Monday night. Of course, knowing Charlie Sheen’s reactions to most things, he’ll likely consider it a form of flattery and make it quite clear that yes, he is in fact still winning.

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