Was Deanna Ballman Murdered?

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Twenty-three-year-old Deanna Ballman was discovered dead in a vehicle in Ohio this week after she was reported missing on Tuesday. She was nine months pregnant, and judging from online photos of the woman, the child would have at least been her third. Her social networking profiles indicate that she already had at least two children that were very young, so she must have been spending a fair amount of her time pregnant over the past couple of years. So was she married or in a longterm relationship? Were her children all fathered by the same man? If so, is this man in the picture now? All of these questions, and more, should be addressed regarding the death that police are calling suspicious.

Deanna Ballman Police refuse to comment on where in the vehicle her body was located, nor will they discuss the condition of her body. It would be interesting to know if Deanna Ballman suffered any type of trauma or if this suspicious death requires an autopsy to figure out the cause. It appears that the people coming forward to discuss what little details there are to know about Deanna are her family members; her brother, mother and other blood relations. So where is the father(s) to the children? One would think if she was married a husband or similar figure would also be speaking out about the disappearance and death of the 23-year-old woman. This is strange, indeed.

Police are requesting tips from anyone who may have seen or heard something or if anyone knows anything about what happened to Ballman. The number is 740-833-2800, which is the sheriff’s department in Delaware County, Ohio. The only thing that is known is that she had been responding to ads looking for help finding a housekeeper or someone to help her clean (not sure on the details there.) So could someone have preyed upon the woman via these advertisements? Was she robbed? Was her body mutilated in any way? Was this a case of an attempted fetal abduction? She was only three weeks away from giving birth, so that is a very valid theory since police are refusing to acknowledge, confirm, or deny anything in this young woman’s death. Hopefully more details come out soon!

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