Was Fred Willard’s ABC Show Cancelled Because of Lewd Conduct Charges?

The ABC network is no longing trusting Fred Willard. They’ve cancelled his new show, Trust Us With Your Life (TUWYL). ABC contends Willard’s lewd conduct charges have nothing to do with their decision.

The news is apparently not something Willard saw coming. Last week he tweeted, “I was not fired from TUWYL so B sure to watch….”

What would be hard to swallow is if ABC kept Willard in their employment after he got seen with his pants down in a XXX-rated theater. To call the situation distasteful is a major understatement. It’s down right disgusting. That’s why it is important for ABC to distance themselves from the actor.

As for Willard, apparently nothing is phasing him. During his recent visit to speak with late night host, Jimmy Fallon, Willard admitted the situation was embarrassing. However, he had little else to offer. That seems to translate into him thinking he did nothing wrong. As long as he feels that way, is there really anything left to discuss?

What do you think? Should Fred Willard have lost his job because of his mistake? Sound off below.

CORRECTION: The original title of this article stated as fact that TUWYL was cancelled due to Fred Willard’s criminal charges. That was a mistake as this is not an established fact, but rather a question on the minds of many who are following this story. We apologize for the error.

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