Was Kate Middleton Pregnant and Lonely When Prince William Was in the Falkland Islands?

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There’s a new report out that Kate Middleton was lonely and stressed when Prince William was in the Falkland Islands. This is also during the time there were numerous rumors Kate was pregnant. Later, reports came out that she may have suffered a miscarriage. Could all these reports be true? Actually, could they all be false? Fans are stuck wondering what to believe since Kate has never officially addressed any of the rumors surrounding her.

Prince William & Kate Middleton 11x17 HD Photo Poster #01 HDQThe latest rumor claims Middleton was able to put on a “brave face” but that the separation which lasted several weeks left her without an appetite and feeling “dreadfully lonely.” How can anyone blame her? They hadn’t been married long by that time and Middleton was still adjusting to married life.

An insider said, “Although he was away for less than two months, to her it felt like a lifetime. She was dreadfully lonely and lost her appetite when he first went and simply didn’t get used to being by herself.”

Now, Middleton supposedly dreaded something else: her and Prince William’s impending move to Kensington Palace.

A friend added, “She feels their time in Anglesey is going much too fast. That’s part of the reason she felt so lonely – it was time wasted. She had no one to buy Pringles for.”

Hopefully Kate Middleton won’t be so lonely once she gets pregnant and fills up Kensington Palace with little royals. It’s hard to feel lonely when you’re on diaper duty.

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