Was Kate Middleton Set Up by Camilla?

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Did Kate Middleton get set up by one of the people in her own Royal family? Will and Kate were clearly sold out by one of their own. How else could the paparazzi have known where the two would be vacationing? Of course, there are plenty of palace insiders and sources, but are they responsible for revealing Will and Kate’s location?

According to at least one conspiracy theorist, the leak is not from the hired help. In fact, Celebrity Dirty Laundry points the finger at Camilla Parker Bowles. The site loves to create drama between Kate and Camilla. The majority of palace insiders claim Camilla and Kate get along very well with the Duchess of Cornwall acting as a mentor.

The site reports, “Camilla hates Kate with a passion, and the feeling is mutual.” They are probably not the best of friends, but hate is a pretty strong word. What would Camilla have to gain by leaking information? Oh wait, these folks have the perfect theory all worked out. “Cruel Camilla knew that if compromising photos of her arch rival could be snapped and published that the scandal would cause the Queen’s admiration and respect for Kate to vanish.”

Uh-huh. Well, obviously, that whole thing backfired. What will Camilla think of next? Will’s step mom has a pretty rotten reputation already. These kinds of fictitious accusations are nothing more than idle hands having a little fun on the keyboard.

Kate Middleton has enough drama in her life, without adding in a wicked mother-in-law.

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