Was Kendra’s Sex Tape Outrage A Gimmick & Hidden Money Deal?

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New gossip is coming forward about Kendra Wilkinson’s sex tape being released against her will.  Radar Online has confirmed sources that Kendra’s former manager Matt Cohen was trying to make a deal with Vivid Entertainment in 2008.  Vivid is the current company releasing Kendra’s sex tape, Kendra Exposed. 

Kendra may have been creating some extra publicity with a behind-the-scene deal with Vivid.

When news broke out Kendra’s sex tape was going to be released by Vivid, Kendra fought  against the release and planned to address the situation on her reality show Kendra. 

But, as we’ve learned over the last couple weeks, Kendra was already trying to shop her sex tape around and created her own company called Home Run Entertainment to get her sex tape on the market.

Matt Cohen dealt with a porn broker, Kevin Blatt who is confirming Kendra was trying to sign off on the tape in 2008.  Blatt also added an interesting piece of information saying, “The general public doesn’t know how these deals go on” referring to how some celebrities secretly sign off on their own sex tapes, while publicly protesting that they are being released.

Cohen nor Kendra has commented on the sex tape release to Vivid, which supposedly it was a “third party” that handed the tape over to the company.

Kenra’s “shopping around” obviously did the trick – as we were all tricked into thinking the release was against her will.  If Kendra wanted to hype surrounding her sex tape in order to gain more publicity, she got just that!

The tape is being released on Vivid Entertainment regardless if Kendra is for or against the tape.

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