Was Kristen Stewart ‘Preyed On’ by Rupert Sanders?

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Ever since it was discovered that Kristen Stewart was cheating on longtime boyfriend Robert Pattinson with her Snow White and the Huntsman director, married father of two Rupert Sanders, her people have been frantically trying to limit the damage to her reputation and career. They’ve released a public apology to Rob, they’ve tried to claim that the relationship with Rupert was merely a “momentary indiscretion” instead of an ongoing affair, and they’ve even tried to claim that Kristen and Rupert didn’t actually have sex. So what PR strategy are they going to try next?

“It’s a bit of a scramble right now as Stewart’s team tries to decide on how to proceed to rehabilitate her image,” Lainey Gossip reports. “One approach that some are pushing for is to sell her as the young, silly girl who was preyed on by the older piece of s— prick of a man — which, obviously, Sanders totally is. If that’s the case, you will be asked to RE-see Kristen Stewart: she’s not actually the finger-giving, cigarette smoking, bad ass, foul-mouthed, Faulkner reading, anti-Lohan but a naive 22 year old inexperienced woman vulnerable to the evil charms of a horrible dude.”

Considering Rupert is almost twice Kristen’s age, that’s an obvious strategy that Team Stewart could use. But given all the photos and videos of the two of them together — and given that KStew has been in the business for half her life and has presumably learned how to deal with lecherous older men — would the public really buy that? So far the public hasn’t been buying what her people have been trying to sell, as various polls show fans don’t believe Kristen and Rupert just hooked up once and didn’t have sex, so the public probably wouldn’t buy that she was “preyed on,” either. Her PR team has done such a bad job so far that maybe their best strategy now is to have Kristen “just eat s— for a while, bend over, silently, and take it,” because if they keep leaking ridiculous stories about her and Rupert only kissing, they’re just going to make things worse.

What do you think? Do you buy that Kristen Stewart was “preyed on” by Rupert Sanders? Do you think she should just lie low for a while? Sound off in the comments!

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