Was Lady Gaga’s Butt-Baring Onstage Wardrobe Malfunction Accidentally On Purpose?

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Just when you thought Lady Gaga had finally done the decent thing and disappeared, she’s ba–ack. This time, Stefani got more onstage attention than her pretentious caterwauling called for by splitting her pants & baring her behind at a recent Vancouver concert. The question is: Was La Germanotta’s butt-baring onstage wardrobe malfunction accidental or deliberate?

On January 12, the Mother Monster, obviously bored with her own performance, suddenly bent over during a particularly “high-energy number.” The result was that her skin tight, black latex, Versace pants “split like a grape” and then parted like the Red Sea. The result was that her fishnet stocking wrapped buttocks were revealed in all their glory to her Little Monsters. Click here to see a photo of La Germanotta’s still ample derriere. Looks like she’s still hanging out at her dad’s Italian restaurant. Ouch.

After exposing herself–er–suffering her wardrobe malfunction, the pop star/provocateur later turned around, faced her fans, and proudly proclaimed:

“No matter how many rhinestones on my jeans, no matter how many fancy wigs I have, just remember that I don’t give a f— about anything but you and the music.”

Right. Stefani has also been known to care about attracting and holding the world’s attention–in one way or another. And that attention seems to be eluding her of late. So, if her ludicrous costumes don’t turn the trick for her anymore, why not just let them rip? Why not wear something extremely tame by Gaga standards–a pair of latex pants for example–and then split them, leaving practically nothing to the imagination? Hey, it’s cheaper than wearing all those veal cutlets.

Seriously, do you think Lady Gaga’s wardrobe malfunction was accidental or accidentally on purpose?

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