Was Lamar Odom Not Notified He Was Traded in NBA?

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Today Lamar Odom was traded NBA teams, but it sounds like they may have not even let him know!

News came out earlier today that Lamar would be moving to the New Orleans Hornets from the LA Lakers in a trade of three players. This is all over the internet so you would think that Lamar knew all about it.

It sounds like Lamar Odom might have not been notified of this trade. He went to Twitter to talk about it.

Wow! Talk 2 me people. I couldn’t even get the phone call.

What do you think this tweet means? It does sound like Lamar was not notified of his change in teams. Someone from the NBA team or his agent should have called him. If he found out the truth over the internet, that is really awful that nobody took the time to make this much needed phone call. It will be interesting to see how this all turns out.

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