Was Lana Del Rey Really Terrible on SNL? (Video)

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Internet singing ingénue Lana Del Rey made her first network TV appearance on Saturday Night Live over the weekend and some critics are tearing her performance apart. Was she really that bad?

Aside from wearing the same dress for both numbers on the show (very unusual) what was so bad about her performance that the Vancouver Sun (among others) published criticisms like “one of the worst outings in SNL history.”

Is there a note of jealousy involved here?

Lana Del Rey (real name Elizabeth Grant) came out of nowhere just a few months ago with a self-produced video of the song “Video Games” which went viral in no time and has collected more than 20 million hits so far.

The song is quirky, somewhat meaningless and is centered on a dysfunctional relationship with a slacker who would rather play video games than focus on more “meaningful” issues. Like her.

But that seems to be the whole point, and one of the reasons why the song is brilliantly performed and realized.

On SNL, Del Rey performed it flawlessly, if a bit listlessly. But, again, that’s part of the personae she’s trying to convey. Most of what anybody does in their day-to-day life is ultimately a little boring and somewhat meaningless. It’s a very timely concept.

Part of the criticism focuses on the newly discovered “scandal” that Lana Del Rey is a rich man’s daughter. So what? Just because she has the means to bring this breathtakingly brilliant idea to life, in spectacular fashion, doesn’t mean she’s not talented or that the song is no good.

Why must established artists spring forth through music label channels? Isn’t there room at the top for a little jaded cynicism?

20 million fans (and counting) seem to think so…

Here’s the video:

What do you think? Is Lana Del Rey a flash in the pan? Or is she an exciting new voice?

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