Was Lindsay Lohan Drunk When She Hit a Man?

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Lindsay Lohan is a trouble magnet, especially when she is driving. Last night, when she may or may not have hit a pedestrian while trying to park her Porsche, at least one person claims she was drunk behind the wheel. Obviously, drinking and driving are nothing new to Lindsay, but that is in her past, right? Would she really risk jail time by making the same mistake again?

The man accusing Lindsay of hitting him in the leg with her SUV makes a starling claim. According to Jose Rodriguez, LiLo was intoxicated. He knows because she “smelled like alcohol.” Now here is where it gets a little confusing. According to Lindsay, she had no idea she hit the guy and went straight into the Dream Hotel, but according to the so-called victim, they actually talked after the incident. Rodriguez states Lindsay was “slurring her words.”

Friends who were with Lindsay last night say she was completely sober. Prior to heading to the hotel, Lindsay had attended a Slash concert and was lucky enough to hang out backstage. The guitarist is sober and has reportedly banned alcohol from backstage making it very difficult, albeit not impossible for Lindsay to imbibe any alcohol.

Quite frankly, it sounds like the guy was star struck and not car struck. Lindsay Lohan may have grazed him with her car, which deserves some kind of punishment, but this guy is clearly looking to make a mountain out of a mole hill, which would translate to a nice payout.

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