Was Lindsay Lohan Misdiagnosed as an Addict?

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Dina Lohan came off as smug and uncaring in interviews last week that seemed to portray her as an enabler of her daughter Lindsay Lohan’s addictions. But she may have had a real ace up her sleeve by knowing something the interviewers didn’t: Lindsay Lohan is not an addict.

According to TMZ the doctors diagnosing the child actress turned Hollywood mega starlet may have gotten it wrong from the start. And it’s Lindsay Lohan’s career and reputation that have suffered because of it.

Although the new theory doesn’t condone some of the seriously bizarre behavior Lohan has engaged in since she gave up dolls and turned to partying at Hollywood night spots, the misdiagnosis may have unduly influenced Judge Marsha Revel’s harsh decisions handing down maximum jail time and follow up rehab treatment after Lohan broke the rules of her parole agreement arising from an earlier DUI case.

The TMZ article cites inside sources who are claiming that Lindsay Lohan does not suffer from ADHD, does not have an addiction to prescription medications and is not suffering from alcohol withdrawal symptoms. Typically, a stone cold addict would be having a much harder time becoming – and staying – clean and sober.

Already speculation has it that Lindsay Lohan will be released 60 days early from her rehab treatment center due to her behaving completely normally. The report goes on to state that her previously wild behavior is actually not abnormal given the temptations available to a young, world famous and highly talented movie star.

So maybe Dina Lohan knows her daughter better than the press is allowing.


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