Was Louis Tomlinson Duped by Directioner Who Faked Death?

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It appears that a Directioner has done the most unthinkable, inexcusable thing ever just to get a tweet of acknowledgement from One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson. A fan actually pretended she had died of cancer. Not only is that just plain wrong – it’s sick!

Directioners for all over the world trended #RIPspinthelouis to honor a fan who supposedly passed away from cancer. The Directioner’s final tweet was about Tomlinson, her favorite One Direction member.

Even Louis Tomlinson responded with an incredibly touching tweet: “@spinthelouis lots and lots of love to you. Sweet dreams, sleep tight xxxx”

As it turns out, though, Louis was duped into tweeting the girl, who had actually faked being dead just to get his attention. Here’s the supposed evidence, which includes an apology from #spinthelouis saying “I FAKED MY DEATH” to get more followers. Shortly after Louis Tomlinson tweeted her back, the Twitter account was deleted, another red flag. At this time, Directioners are both confused and upset. The details regarding the fake death are still not entirely clear.

This is a disgrace to all those who actually do suffer and have suffered from cancer. Cancer is not a joking matter. If this really was fake, the Directioner should be ashamed of herself.

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