Was Marilyn Monroe a Communist?

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Marilyn Monroe was being monitored by the FBI for “ties to communism,” as found in newly released files that were previously heavily redacted.

KXAN reports that Monroe’s association with Frederick Vanderbilt Field was particularly troubling to her inner circle, including her personal therapist. Vanderbilt Field, who died in 2000 at age 94, was cut off from his wealthy family for his extreme leftist views. Field wrote about Monroe, “She told us about her strong feelings for civil rights, for black equality, as well as her admiration for what was being done in China, her anger at red-baiting and McCarthyism and her hatred of (FBI director) J. Edgar Hoover.” It is not surprising that Monroe, like many celebrities, had a far-left ideology.

One interesting revelation from the newly released FBI files was that Monroe and other actors were seeking visas to visit Russia.

The FBI files were anticipated largely in part to determine if any further insight could be revealed about the cause of the troubled star’s death. The circumstances surrounding the Monroe’s demise have always been a source of speculation; However, no new details were given on that front. Monroe likely died of suicide.

Monroe married playwright Arthur Miller in 1956, who admittedly had associations to communism (largely progressively sanitized), so the assumption that Marilyn Monroe sympathized with the murderous ideology was not rocket science on the part of the FBI.

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