Was Michelle Parker Murdered by Estranged Love?

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The disappearance of Michelle Parker remains unsolved, but that doesn’t mean her loved ones aren’t pushing for awareness after all this time. There are updates in the woman’s case, but the new details are rather startling. It appears that the parents of the missing Florida mother have decided to file a wrongful death suit against Dale Smith Jr., her former fiance.

It’s hard to determine if this is a good thing or if it’s a bad thing. Considering Dale Smith hasn’t yet been arrested on any murder charges, it’s hard to really entertain the idea that he caused someone’s death without adequate proof. Remember, had there been anything more than circumstantial suspicion, Dale would be in jail right now with or without Michelle still missing.

It’s not a little known fact that civil suits are easier to win than criminal cases, so curiosity is certainly heightened at these latest reports. In the right climate with the right judge and savvy enough attorneys, Dale Smith really does have the potential of facing a negative judgment regarding the presumed death of the woman he once wanted to marry.

Hopefully the evidence against him doesn’t result in any false negatives or the like, if you catch the drift. While circumstantial evidence may be enough to some people, in the court of law it absolutely is not enough. So if he were to have a judgment against him pertaining to a wrongful death, and he was still found not guilty of said death in the actual criminal system, then what would that mean?

This indeed seems like a big can of worms and Michelle Parker remains missing, hanging in the balance as perhaps the final piece to the puzzle. Hopefully Dale Smith had nothing to do with this, but what would the other options be?

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