Was Sara Leal’s cell phone confiscated by Ashton Kutcher’s bodyguard?

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Did Ashton Kutcher’s bodyguard really confiscate the cell phone from Sara Leal on the night of their alleged affair? If she turned the phone over to him willingly, then he did not steal it. If he refused to give it back to her, what was on it? These are the questions being asked about the romantic tryst that allegedly happened at the Hard Rock Hotel in a 12th floor room between actor Ashton Kutcher and the aspiring actress, a relatively unknown name in Hollywood.

Kutcher is the younger husband of actress Demi Moore. Last year, a cheating scandal broke—one the famous celebrity couple used a lawyer and tweet campaign to quickly quash. This year, the celebrity spouses were strangely quiet about what happened between the Two and a Half Men star and the 23-year-old blonde in the first days following the stories hitting the net.

Ashton Kutcher 2008-09-09The source that originally revealed Leal’s name and the details of the hookup was the first person who claimed the phone was taken. She said Leal was forced to surrender her cell phone to Ashton’s burly bodyguard before the girl entered the hotel room with the star. On September 29th, a third woman came forward claiming to have been present during the alleged affair but says at no point in time were the cell phones taken, but her account seems to be an unlikely story.


There are a few theories that you can read more about here: Sara Leal Cell Phone Confiscated—one being the phone or phones might have been removed from the party scene for the actor’s protection. However, since the article first appeared, no one has been able to answer whether or not the phone that belonged to the alleged mistress was confiscated and returned or still remains in the possession of Kutcher’s bodyguard.

That may prove to be problematic for poor Ashton should the cell phone resurface now. Even though neither party has confirmed or denied the allegations in any concrete way that is convincing, it appears as if something questionably inappropriate happened that night at the Hard Rock Hotel.

Did Sara Leal get compromising pics of Kutcher on her camera before they even went upstairs from the night club to the hotel bedroom? Was she able to get the movie star on tape saying that he and Demi Moore were separated as her anonymous friend claimed? Who is actress Sara Leal, anyhow—and what is the real deal between her and Ashton Kutcher?

Since the actor tweeted a friendly reminder to his 7 million Twitter followers that assuming makes “an ass out of you and me” via @aplusk on September 29th (days after the story broke), fans and the press are getting really curious about what may (or may not) be on the phone that could provide hard-core evidence of a cheating scandal.

At least he shared something finally about the celeb gossip… better late than never, right? Not really. Unless he has more to say about the affair to either affirm or deny it happened and whether or not he and Demi Moore are going to split, the world will continue searching for compromising leaked cell phone pictures from the now famous mistress.

Do you think Ashton cheated on Demi with this girl? What do you think really happened to Sara Leal’s cell phone? Tell readers your thoughts about the celebrity gossip in the comments section below.

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