Was Snookie Punched in Jersey Shore Episode 4 Online?

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Was Snookie punched in the Jersey Shore Episode 4 online?  We recently checked out a Jersey Shore Nickname for You, Snooki Getting Punched in Jersey Shore Fight Video, the Jersey Shore Punch Clip and Jersey Shore Drinking Game Rules.  Now we want to know the real deal about Snookie punched…or not…in the MTV Jersey Shore Episode 4 online. 

Snooki did get emotional with her mom before the fight scene at the bar where we know Snookie was punched.  We also see Snooki sleeping with some guy Russ on the beach but she keeps calling him Rob…

There is drama, action and plenty of emotion in the 4th episode of Jersey Shore.  To figure out out whether Snookie punched, check out Jersey Shore Episode 4 online previews from YouTube for more info: 


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