Was The Wanted just using Lindsay Lohan for publicity?

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For the first couple weeks of December, there were multiple reports that Lindsay Lohan was hooking up with Max George from The Wanted and following the boy band around. But the two apparently had a falling-out after he referred to her as a “groupie” (the truth hurts!)—and now comes word that The Wanted might have just been using the convicted felon and all-around hot mess for publicity to “up their visibility in the U.S.”

In a conspiracy theory from Fox News, “in the U.S., the band is only just finding its footing. And until they were linked to Lohan’s latest late-night club crisis, many here had never heard of them.” O RLY? That’s interesting considering their song “Glad You Came” was a huge hit that made it to No. 3 on the Billboard Hot 100 and was all over the radio this year. But Fox is undeterred by facts and claims that Lindsay’s latest bar fight and arrest could have been a set-up to get The Wanted some attention, because she just so happens to know the boy band’s manager, Scooter Braun. Dun-dun-dun!

“Lindsay and Max could have met through overlapping social circles, but the bar fight and such could be totally staged, or perhaps even manipulated without her knowledge,” a “source” speculates to the website. “If that’s the case, a savvy manger could make the most of it, and it would look like what we see now: Lohan’s a groupie.”

Yeah, Lindsay’s never gotten into a fight and never been arrested before. She’s just the victim of a publicity stunt to get a boy band more attention. Sure! Conspiracy theories are fun, but they need to make at least a little sense, and this one doesn’t. Yes, members of The Wanted did talk about Lindsay to the press a bit, but it didn’t feel like they were desperate to capitalize on the association. An association with her might actually turn some potential fans off, since she’s such a bratty, entitled train wreck. Plus, they’re currently on tour with Justin Bieber (who is also managed by Scooter) and they’ve been added to the “New Year’s Rockin’ Eve” lineup, so they’re getting plenty of publicity and attracting new fans through that. They don’t really need the extra, potentially negative attention she’s going to give them. The more likely scenario is that she is a groupie, and since she’s stalked Samantha Ronson before, she was probably stalking Max too. He can totally do better though, so hopefully he’s done with her drama!

What do you think? Did The Wanted just use Lindsay Lohan for publicity? Are you a fan of The Wanted? Sound off in the comments!

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