Washington State Unemployment Checks Delayed During Time of Need?

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Washington State unemployment checks are apparently being delayed this week.  A Washington State unemployment payment delay seems like the worst possible thing to make people endure at this time of year, but it sure looks like that wasn’t taken into consideration when the department decided to make computer upgrades.

That’s right, it’s due to a new computer system being put in place that people applying for Washington State unemployment checks will have to wait longer to receive any payments.  According to the Employment Security Department, “Due to some computer processing that must be completed, there will be a one- to two-day delay in paying approved unemployment claims that are filed on Sunday, November 28. We expect to return to our normal processing schedules by Wednesday, December 1.”

Delving into the subtext of what they are saying here, it means that those filing unemployment claims on Sunday through Tuesday may come against a wall when trying to get their unemployment benefits in the same length of time as usual.  It’s also not made clear about whether those applying for benefits on Monday or Tuesday will receive them on time, only that they hope to have everything working again by Wednesday.

This is just adding to the delays that people might already be experiencing because of the holidays, and making it even tougher for anyone to get their claims fulfilled in a timely manner.

Are you applying for unemployment benefits or filing a claim in Washington State this week?  Let us know how the process has gone for you, and if the delays are going to harm your financial plans?  To everyone else, is this simply an acceptable way for the state government to be run, where delays are combined to create even more delays?

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