Watch Katy Perry Get Slimed Video {Katy Perry SLOW MOTION SLIME VIDEO}

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At the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards for 2010, Katy Perry was chosen to be slimed. It was really funny. Jonah Hill had told Katy Perry that it was his birthday today. So Katy Perry congratulated him on his birthday. She encouraged the audience to with Jonah a huge Happy Birthday wish. The nominees were announced for Favorite Movie Actress.

When it was time for Jonah Hill to announce the winner of KCA favorite movie actress, he sheepishly admitted that it was not his birthday and that he actually had no birthday. Katy Perry though it was weird, but called Jonah hit a liar and announced that because he lied she should announce the winner.

Katy Perry opens the box and a huge amount of slime flies out of the box and into her nose. The impact of the green slime knocked her on the floor. Katy Perry was wearing a really cute yellow dress with big blue flowers, but after her intense sliming, Katy Perry was mostly green.

Here is the video of the Kids Choice Awards sliming of Katy Perry in slow motion.

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