Watch Naomi Campbell: Super Model Has a Super Temper VIDEO

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Super model Naomi Campbell has a super temper. CBS News is reporting that Super Model Naomi Campbell assaulted a New York limo driver then fleed the scene. From the back seat, Campbell punched the driver so hard, that his head hit the steering wheel giving him a bruise to the eye.

Apparently the scuffle started while Campbell was headed from a Manhatten hotel to Astorio Studio in Queens. The driver pulled over in midtown Manhattan to report the alleged assault and the Super Model fled the scene. The driver decided not pursue the matter criminally, however, it’s unclear if he will pursue it in civil court.

The models assistant went to the police to report that Campbell would cooperate with officials. “Naomi will cooperate voluntarily, and there is more to the story than meets the eye,” said her spokesperson Jeff Raymond.

Campbell’s temper has gotten her in trouble before. It’s a proven fact that the super model has a super temper. In 2008, she pleased guilty to charges athat she assaulted her housekeeper by throwing a cellphone at her.   In 2007, she has a scuffle at Heathrow airport when her luggage went missing. She pleaded guilty to cursing, kicking and spitting at police in a rage and was sentenced to 200 hours of community service and a $4,500 fine.

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