Watch Out Fox, Lady Gaga Isn’t Happy With You Watch FULL And EDITED Performances Here

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Lady Gaga is anything but happy about her performance on American Idol. While Idol did air a nearly 5-minute performance of her song “Alejandro,”the artist is angry that the entire performance was not aired. (The full performance runs more than 6 minutes in length)

She issued a statement on her Twitter to complain. “FOX POORLY + AMATEURLY edited+cut my performance/musical arrangement on idol. Watch real version.” Somehow Perez Hilton nabbed a copy of the full performance and Gaga herself linked to it so that the fans may see the performance as it was meant to be seen – in it’s entirety.

It’s likely that the performance was cut due to time constraints as Idol is rather notorious for running past it’s slotted time. Still, I have to admit, I’d be angry as well. She performed six plus minutes, and around a minute and a half of it was sliced from the broadcast. Having said that, those in the audience were forced to sit in their seats more than an hour waiting for Gaga to run through the performance more than four times. She was gracious to the audience for their time given for this.

Watch the Edited version here.


Compare that to the full version here.

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