Watch Out Katie Holmes! Did Scientology Brainwash Nicole Kidman’s Kids?

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With the divorce of Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise on the horizon, many people are thinking of Cruise’s divorce from Nicole Kidman in 2001 — and Kidman’s escape from Scientology. What will happen to Suri? Will Cruise demand she be raised in the controversial Church of Scientology? A former Scientology insider has revealed that during the Cruise/Kidman divorce, members of the church tried to turn the kids against their mother.

Marty Rathbun, a former Scientology member, claims that while Cruise and Kidman were divorcing, he saw employees trying to convince Isabella and Connor Cruise that Kidman was a “sociopath”. According to Rathbun, there were daily sessions in which the goal was to turn Isabella and Connor against their mother. If Cruise and the members of the church were willing to manipulate their children, Kidman had no chance to win custody. Why would a child want to live with their mother if they are convinced that she is a bad parent?

Holmes is filing for custody of Suri, and it’s no wonder after all the negative press surrounding Scientology. Watching the estrangement between Nicole Kidman and her kids, may make Holmes worry about her future with Suri.

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