Watch the First Mini-Episode of “True Blood” Here (Video)

To help promote the impending third season of True Blood, HBO has gone the special mini-episode route with “Eric & Pam,” in which Alexander Skarsgård’s and Kristin Bauer’s characters audition go-go dancers for Fangtasia.

The three-and-a-half minute clip, besides tiding over hungry (heh heh) True Blood fans, also serves to introduce Yvetta, played by Uzbekistan’s very own Natasha Alam, who used to be on The Bold and the Beautiful. Seems like she probably played both. “Eric & Pam,” like all the mini-eps, was written by True Blood overlord Alan Ball.

Remember before this show began airing and everyone was all, “They’re replacing The Sopranos with that?” and “The guy who made Six Feet Under is now making this?” and “Anna Paquin’s not from Looziana! She’ll prob’ly wind up getting engaged to her co-star and then announcing she’s bi-sexual!”

Actually, if you know anyone who came up with that last one back in 2008, please have them contact me with a list of the next five Super Bowl winners…

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