‘Watch the Throne’ Album Download Leak Available? Kanye West & Jay-Z Documentary Surfaces

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As fans search madly for the “Watch the Throne” album download leak online, Kanye West and Jay-Z continue to promote their upcoming classic in interesting ways. A recent documentary video has surfaced online showing the work that went into this latest collaborative project.

Earlier this week, the new song “Otis” leaked online after being played on Hot 97. Now the magnitude of this project is becoming more apparent as there’s even a documentary video to showcase the blood, sweat, tears and years it took to bring this project about. Years are merely in terms of the careers of Jay and Kanye, and Jay watching his protege rising to fame in the rap game. Jay-Z says to see how Kanye has grown to this level is enjoyable, because a “guy he’s mentored has become his own guy” now.

The “Watch the Throne” documentary video, opens in a private estate in Sydney, Australia, where there is some sort of private dinner gathering or party being held. Kanye presents Jay-Z with some original artwork from his song “Monster” and then a special ring. The video clearly shows the close relationship these two stars have outside of the studio.

Some interesting cameos and footage shows up in the video, including older concert and studio footage from Jay-Z and Kanye West. Beyonce is seen at the dinner party event and also jamming in the studio with the two rappers. The interesting cameo is when actor Russell Crowe shows up in the studio to hear his name shouted out during one of Kanye’s rap lyrics. It goes to show the reach of this project and the level of connections these two rap stars have that they can bring an actor into the studio and get him nodding to their tracks.

While a “Watch the Throne” download leak doesn’t exist yet, fans can catch some snippet previews in the documentary of several songs including “Lift Off” which features Beyonce. This certainly serves as a way to get fans even more hyped up and anxious for the new Kanye West and Jay-Z album to drop in several weeks. For true rap fans, don’t hesitate to grab the album and don’t jack the album for free, this one is going to be worth its weight in gold and then some.

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