‘Watch the Throne’ Album Download Leak: Jay-Z and Kanye West Able to Thwart Online Thieves?

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With a week to go until an official release, the “Watch the Throne” album download leak is certainly a hot search online. Jay-Z and Kanye West have each had albums bootlegged and put online in the past, potentially taking away record sales. Not this time though!

As with most highly-anticipated rap albums being released, there are plenty of fans who want their hands on the material as soon as possible, even if it means stealing. Some artists have started to give music away for free, hoping it would persuade their fans to stay loyal and buy their future projects. However, Jay-Z and Kanye West used a very careful strategy to ensure they will be able to profit from sales of their critically-acclaimed new release.

Some of the artists who have been the victim of early leaks in hip hop music include Lupe Fiasco, Lil Wayne, and the aforementioned rap stars, Jay-Z and Kanye West. A recent report from MTV’s RapFix sheds light on just what measures Jigga and Yeezy went through to make sure the fans who pay for the album will be among the first to get copies. Jay-Z said of the way this “Watch the Throne” project was done:

“We made this album, it took eight months. We should be able to release it the way we like without everyone being all up in arms. The real reason behind it is was we didn’t want the music to leak. We wanted to present to the people in it’s [sic] entirety. When you send it out, once it leaves the plant and that’s the end of it.”

Some of the strategies and tactics they’ve used have been recording the album in exclusive locations around the world and keeping very quiet about the release date. It was almost cryptic in nature when it first showed up for pre-order on their websites, and then eventually it was revealed that iTunes would be the first to have it available to those who pre-ordered it. The only song that’s truly leaked is “Otis” while others have been leaked but in very hard-to-hear formats due to sneaky folks trying to record tracks at a listening party.

The “Watch the Throne” album download is one that many fans want and will pay for, so it was carefully crafted and put into highly exclusive sales format. Smart move on the part of Jay-Z and Kanye, even if it may have angered some record store owners or fans. The album will be officially available on iTunes for digital download on Monday, August 8th, 2011. This album is being heralded as a classic, even a masterpiece by some. Since it carries a shiny gold cover that befits two kings of rap music, it’s only fair that it should be guarded to the fullest. Other musicians should certainly take note of what these two rap stars did and use it to their advantage.

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