Water Can Help How?

I've been reading this book: What you Don't Know May Be Killing You by: Don Colbert M.D. and it has some great information in it. Some things just make sense and here is an example on water & our bodies.

1: When we remove water from grapes, what do we have? Raisins

2: When we remove water from our skins what is the result? Wrinkles

Tina Turner attributes her youthful look to drinking water.

Here is Dr. Colberts recommendations for drinking water

30 minutes before breakfast: 8oz

2.5 hours after breakfast: 8oz

30 minutes before lunch: 8oz

2.5 hours after lunch: 8oz

30 minutes before dinner: 16oz

2.5 hours after dinner: 8oz

30 minutes before bedtime: 8oz

He does not recommend drinking with meals. One reason is that drinking then washes out the enzymes in your stomach & intestines, which will delay digestion since your body much absorb the water before the food.

He also recommend a filter for your shower water (as well as your drinking water), because chlorine is added to our water & it causes our hair to become brittle & break off. It also dry's our skin out a lot. A shower filter will remove 95% of the chlorine from the water

Another Dr. cited in the book believes that 2 of the major factors contributing to most cancers are drinking chlorinated water and bathing/showering with chlorinated water.

  • Caffeine is a diuretic & can cause you to loose water
  • Water dehydration contributes to dozens of maladies – from hemorrhoids to arthritis
  • Hot water leaches metal from your pipes (always use cold water)

So do you filter your water? Do you drink enough water everyday (coffee & juice does not count)?

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