Water Turned Black Where Elisa Lam Died

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The tragic death of Elisa Lam just keeps getting more and more twisted with each update that comes to media sources. Now it’s being reported that more tests are needed on the water system at the Cecil Hotel—where the young Canadian tourist was found to be dead in a water tank. That’s not the only disturbing revelation being made in media reports. The quality of the water that tenants had been drinking for weeks is reportedly as frightful as the discovery of Elisa’s remains.

The Inquisitr reports that the water coming from the tap in the Cecil Hotel was literally black—most likely due to the decomposition of Elisa Lam’s body as she lay in the water tank atop the building. When her body was first reported as found it was stated that a maintenance worker found her body when checking the tanks after complaints of a drop in water pressure—but the color of the water was never mentioned. Why?

Furthermore, why would people drink that water or brush their teeth with it?

The cause of death in this tragic case still isn’t known, shedding further mystery to the Elisa Lam case. But the gruesome details that surround the water tank discovery are by far of the most stomach turning in nature. So many people stay in this hotel and so many of them unwittingly ingesting the water. Even though officials claim there should be no bacterial harm from the exposure to the contaminated water, it’s just distressing to hear that it had actually turned black and needs further testing done. It’s just frightful.

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