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Dave West
came into the playground
lunchtime and said

That chick you like
she’s peering through the wire
of the girl’s playground

looking for you
like some cat on heat
and you looked across

to where the girl’s playground was
and there she was
peering through the wire

and seeing you
she waved a hand
and you waved back

You ought to avoid girls
West said
They’re nothing trouble

to a guy’s soul
and a drain on his purse
and nerves

he gave Jane a sour gaze
and turned back
and looked at the other boys

kicking ball or playing cards
or running about playing tag
I like her

you said
She’s not like you say
she’s got depth

and reads books
West sighed and said
You got it bad

and that’s not good
as the song goes
and he laughed and said

Look come play ball or tag
or go up onto the bushes
and have a smoke

but you saw her
standing there shyly
her hand by her side

peering through
the green wire
you peered back

and smiled hoping
she could see your smile
wondering if you ought

to wave again
not giving a fuck
what West

or the other boys
thought or said
and you could feel

the afternoon sun
touching your head
and the sense of life

being on an edge
and she and you
separated like prisoners

by wire and regulations and rules
like two wise lovers
in a land of loveless fools.


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