We are on a Bullet Train to Bankruptcy Says Sarah Palin

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Sarah Palin spoke at the 100th birthday anniversary celebration of Ronald Reagan at the Reagan Ranch Center.  If you by chance listened to her speech, you heard her say, “But as we struggle to merely service our unsustainable debt, the only thing this investment will get us is a bullet train to bankruptcy.”

As she spoke she emphasized the word bullet.  Sarah Palin receives a lot of criticism about her choice of words.  Many conservatives, however, believe that on this point she is correct.  Actually Sarah Palin receives a lot of criticism no matter what she does.  There is just something about her that pushes people’s buttons.

Sarah Palin

She’s a lot smarter than people want to give her credit.  She is taking full advantage of her notoriety to profit, and why shouldn’t she?  The question is will she run for President in 2012.

You can read quite a few excerpts of her speech at the Reagan celebration in a story that was written by the Los Angeles Times.  Even if you don’t like how Sarah Palin delivers her speeches, reading her words makes sense if you are a conservative.  That’s one of the reasons why Sarah Palin pulls in so many people when she appears at events.

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