We Are Stardust

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One Hundred Percent Natural

A cynical and self-serving tarp

Has lain over our being for millennia.

Woven first of the rough fiber of nescience

And later of the sack cloth of willful ignorance,

It scourges us with guilt and condemns us

To isolation as strangers in a strange land.

Everything, we are taught, is natural except us.

Our bastardization is that we know;

We know too much, and we know too little.

Our dilemmic human nature cuts us off

From the family of nature, an invasive species

That needs to go back where it came from.

But, at what point did human nature diverge from natural,

When we came out of the seas or out of the trees?

We are just as natural as any other composite of stardust.

We have our own peculiar nature, as everything does;

It’s what makes everything what it is and not something else.

Humans alone are rational; Aristotle was right.

Humans alone are moral; Genesis was right.

It’s also true that humans alone are irrational

And equally true that humans alone are immoral.

But are we less natural than Asian carp or bamboo grass

That invade and overwhelm native species.

Nature controls or nature adapts, as it will with us

Whichever it is will be natural, as of course it must.

We can be rational and we can be moral

And learn to cooperate with nature

And with our nature

Or leave our world,

One way or another,

In a completely natural state.

Chris Brockman

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Libertarian humanist, rationalist, progressive, romantic. I believe in freedom, people, reason, and that cooperation is the best way for reasonable people to progress in society. I am an advocate of Aristotle's Golden Mean as a path to happiness. I despi

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