~We Can Feel It~










I feel the sun warming us

as the heat building

between us rises

a burst of kaldeioscopic

colors dance on

my closed lids

The cool rock

presses against me

under my spine

while my head rests

in the crook of your arm

butterflies dance

around and within us

Words flow easily

but silence also settles

upon our skin

like soft cotton

Our bodies shift in unison

We open our eyes

just in time to see

two hawks soaring

above it all

the wind gently

cradling their wings

We feel it, sense it

the grace and majesty

of the hushed moment

as we become one

with the sky and earth

In my memories

for all the days to come

I will visualize

how on that day in May

I wrote your name

in invisible ink

across the afternoon sky

and across my heart


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I am very passionate, sometimes too impulsive, a lover of life and all that it has to offer.

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