WE Character Development Exercise – Sabrina writes letters to other characters

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This post is part of the Tuesday Writing Essential character development exercise located here.

Dear Launa,

I hate to type and ain’t good at writing letters but I wanted to send you a note. I keep seeing you walking when I’m on the way home from taking my kid to softball practice. You probably don’t like to get in cars with strangers but I hate to see you walking like that and wish you would let me give you a ride. I ain’t saying I could drive you around every day or anything but I don’t mind picking you up when I’m passing by and I see you there. You can ask my kids’ teachers about me if you want and they’ll tell you I’m trustworthy and certified to help out at the school. And I haven’t had any wrecks or got any tickets since I started having kids. Give me a call if you want or just watch for me in the blue van with three big dents in the passenger side. (I wasn’t even in the van when that happened.)

Sabrina Thompson 448-9933


Dear Omega,

I ain’t too good at writing letters especially to strangers I don’t know but I want to tell you I’m not what you think. I heard what you said about me and just wanted to let you know I ain’t flirted or slept with none of their husbands, no matter what you’ve heard. I don’t know why some women act like that, blaming other women because they’re husbands are pigs. Shoot. It ain’t my fault their husbands act like that and I don’t even understand why because half of those women look better than I do. Anyways, I just wanted to tell you I’m really nice and I would like to be your friend. I ain’t never met anybody like you before and if you want, I can be just your friend and not your sister’s since you hate her.

You can give me a call if you want.

Sabrina Thompson 448-9933


Dear Madison,

I ain’t too good at writing letters so I’m just going to say a little. When I dropped my kid off at dance class the other day I saw you standing on the corner holding your shoes and looking sad. I wanted to stop but I know I wouldn’t get in the car with a stranger and figured you wouldn’t either. If that happens to you again and you see a big blue van with a bunch of dents in the side (I didn’t do it – long story) I promise I’m safe if you want to let me give you a ride.

Sabrina Thompson 449-9933


Dear Adam,

I ain’t too good at writing letters and I don’t even know you so I just want to let you know calamine lotion might stop the itching on your hand. It works on my kids.

Sabrina Thompson



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