WE Game 2: 'The List' – Getting to know you, Mr. Tinker.


 I sent the list of questions to Mr. Tinker.  He returned them to me after about 15 minutes.


•1.      How many magnets do you have on your refrigerator and what are they

None!  No magnets, no drawings, no calendars or can openers.  No phone numbers,  stickers,  tidbits or bottle openers.  Mother always said it was a FrigidAire and not a billboard.  

•2.      List three things you need from the grocery

I need cabbage, an apple and one medium onion.

•3.      What is your favorite television show

I seldom watch anything but the news.

•4.      What was the last concert you attended

I think it was Wagner, in Lenox, Massachusetts.  Must have been…'72 or so.

•5.      What do you like most about yourself

I do what I wish, despite pressure.

•6.      If you could change one thing about yourself what would it be

I should like to be younger, I think.

•7.      What scares you

Some of the things I enjoy.  One cannot help what they enjoy, can they?

•8.      What comforts you

Knowing what I can do that others cannot.                            



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