We just cancelled Paris

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Yeah, you might remember that we had planned to stay 4 nights in Paris (France) during the Easter holidays.

Well, I don’t want to go into too many details but let’s just say that it’s better that way.

After all, Paris will not “run away”, as we live only 5 to 6 hours away from it. So we could go there anytime by car in half a day.

To not waste a week of paid leave at home, we have also agreed on a bunch of activities to do in and around Cologne.

I myself wished to visit the Museum of East Asian Art in Cologne. Something I had planned to do for years but never really did and hubby was not interested in all. But since he has his cool camera, he is happy about ANYTHING that he can shoot photos of *lol* And since we had fun in the Ghetty museum in Los Angeles in 2010 although we both had thought that art is BORING, we will give it a try.

Another highlight will be two small baroque castles or palaces (where is the difference in English language? Help!) near Cologne. We did not expect to have such palaces/castles near us. What a surprise, to find something like that at our doorstep ^^
It’s always interesting that most of us dream of seeing stuff FAR away although we have the neatest things around us… isn’t it?

And a third day we will be having lunch in our favourite buffet restaurant (the one we went for my birthday) with their incredibly delicious but low-priced all you can eat lunch buffet *lol* And after that, we will go to our favourite spa / swimming pool. I so love their salt water pool :-)

Now we only need to agree on what we will do on the fourth day. Any ideas?
Anything near Cologne you want to see photos of? *lol*

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