Weather Channel Streaker Bares All During Reporter’s Hurricane Irene Coverage

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A Weather Channel streaker is making headlines today, right smack in the middle of all the exhaustive Hurricane Irene coverage. Anyone who’s watching TV this weekend probably knows that the coverage of this historic hurricane is extensive, but in this case, it’s also eye-opening (and R-rated). Definitely one of the more exciting Irene-related events thus far, and one of the funniest. In a totally inappropriate and utterly juvenile way, of course.

The Weather Channel streaker struck in Virginia Beach, Virginia, just as reporter Eric Fisher was explaining that he was “speechless” about all the traffic he was seeing, and the people out running around, as Hurricane Irene bore down on the area. Fisher was clearly frustrated, as several bathing suit-clad young men ran in front of, and behind him, as he tried to deliver his report.

What Fisher couldn’t see, but others definitely did, was the now infamous Weather Channel streaker! Yes, this brave soul (kidding) dropped trou right in the middle of the street. Fisher kept right on talking. Eventually, he cut back to the studio – and the anchor’s reactions are simply priceless. You just never know with live television, do you?

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