Weather I’m right, or weather I’m wrong

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Weather I’m right or weather I’m wrong is anyone’s guess. If you don’t like weather rants it might be a good idea to stop reading now because I’m going to rain a bit on the weather.

No matter what you do, you can’t plan on the weather and you can’t rely on the weather. And in addition to that, despite the millions of dollars in computer forecasting equipment and Doppler this, and satellite that, and echo here, and one computer model arguing with another computer model there, the weather folks on TV, best intentions aside, aren’t always reliable. Sadly, the weather forecasts are sometimes no more accurate as the daily horoscope. The wonderfully accurate daily horoscope which, for me, today, tells me that “The energy for today is positive.” and “Your loving feelings are wide awake.” I rest my case!

Winter doesn’t officially start for another month, but as far as I’m concerned, it’s here already and it can go away now. In my part of the Twin Cities, we got 10 inches of heavy, wet snow a week ago Saturday. Then starting late this past Saturday night and into Sunday morning we had freezing rain that coated the entire metro area and turned roads and sidewalks into treacherous sheets of ice. Today the forecast calls for another inch of snow, possibly mixed with some freezing drizzle, and the prediction for Wednesday afternoon into Thanksgiving – depending on those battling computer models – is for possibly more freezing drizzle and another “powerful” storm that could drop a ”significant” snowfall of 4+ inches. The forecasters are hedging their bets and at this point no one is talking specifics, they’re just dropping dire hints of stormy doom to raise anxiety and increase the business at the grocery stores. If you’re intuitive at all you can probably read my mind and know exactly what I’m thinking. Yeah, it sucks.

Putting those sometimes unreliable and fickle forecasts aside, there is always one constant during Minnesota winters and that’s the excellent work done by the Minnesota Department of Transportation. Mn/DOT trucks get out there, plowing and salting, regardless of weather, and they get our highways and streets cleared quickly and efficiently to the point where 24-hours after a large snowstorm, roads often look and drive like they were untouched by snow.

Now, if there was some magic formula to get all drivers to slow down when it snows…


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