Web Surfer Finds ‘Alien’ Face on Google Mars (Video)

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A UFO blogger surfing on the web decided to look more closely at the surface of The Red Planet on Google Mars and was startled to find what looks like an alien face.

What makes this so interesting, and sets it apart from other images discovered on Mars, the Moon and other planets explored by NASA spacecraft, is the similarity to not the human face, but what is considered the classic perception of an extraterrestrial’s facial structure.

The elongated skull, the closely set and over-large eyes, along with the narrow chin all point to what has become the accepted alien face by true believers.

Now that Mars has been mapped and open for exploration on the web, it’s likely that others will start hunting for planetary features which resemble human faces.

But what does it mean that an alien face has been found? Is it a sign from ancient inhabitants for future generations? Or is it just an interesting, though random, geographical feature?

What do you think? Please leave a comment below.

Here’s the video:

Image courtesy of Blogger

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