Website Claims Ellen Page May Have Given Up on Lesbianism

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Ellen Page is rumored to be a lesbian, but she was recently spotted with Hollywood swordsman Alexander Skarsgard, leading one website to speculate that maybe she has switched teams.

Frankly, everyone is jumping to conclusions about the 25-year-old actress and Skarsgard, with absolutely no evidence. They were spotted together at a Los Angeles Kings game, but they’re likely just friends who share a love for the sport of hockey.

The two seemed quite comfortable together, and chatted and laughed with each other during the Stanley Cup Finals Game 4 with the New Jersey Devils.

They both hail from nations where hockey reigns supreme. Page is from Nova Scotia, Canada, and Skarsgard, the star of True Blood, is from Sweden. From the pictures of them together, they look fairly cozy, but who knows what the nature of their relationship is.

Page and Skarsgard seem like an unlikely pairing, considering he is one of the most famous Lotharios in Hollywood, and she is rumored to be a lesbian. But either way, they’ve got everyone talking!

Was this a publicity stunt, lovers on their first public date, or two friends catching a game? In La La Land, anything is possible!


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