Webster Shooting: New York Governor Makes Statement

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Christmas Eve began horribly for two firefighters who responded to a call in Webster, New York. When arriving at the location of the fire, someone shot and killed the firefighters working the blaze. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo released a statement about the Webster shooting on his Facebook page.

The Governor sent his condolences to the family and friends of the firefighters killed in action, calling the entire situation a senseless act of violence. He also sent out his best wishes to two other firefighters injured at the scene.

The entire fire appears to be a trap someone set in order to kill the firefighters responding to the fire. The shooter is also believed to be dead at the scene.

This is just another senseless act of violence that has taken place recently in the world, tragedies that make no sense. It has been only two weeks since a young man went into a school and murdered 20 young innocent children, and months since another man went into a movie theater and opened fire on the audience.

The Webster shooting has opened up the debate about gun control in the United States, and both sides seem to be using these acts as ammunition in their fight. Whatever the response has to be, it is the tragic loss of lives, whether young and innocent or of men trying to protect and serve innocent people, that remains the most important.

It is sad to watch the news and see what this world is coming to.

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