Wedding Planning: The Centerpieces and Cake Topper (Photo Essay)

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Well, Jake and I finally decided on the cake topper (we decided on that a while ago, but now we've actually bought it) and the centerpiece for our table. We haven't made any decisions about the centerpieces for the other 20 or so tables, but at least our table is covered…lol.

So, first, we have the cake topper. I was really just goofing around with lighting with these. I had a candle to produce a soft light against it. The cake topper is made of plastic, so it's perfect for using backlight with and I thought it produced a bit of a romantic atmosphere that was really fun to work with.

And then, of course, i had to try the nice candle light atmosphere with the toast glass, too. Didn't work as well. The toast glass isn't as romantic…lol.

So I gave up and just shot a picture of it so everyone could see what it looked like. xD

And then off with the lights again to take pictures of the centerpieces. I really like these. We've got two of them (one for either end of the table) and they cost about $13 each, which was more than I wanted to spend for centerpieces, but I figured that since it was just for our table it wasn't such a big deal.

So there you have it. A few more pieces of the wedding puzzle have finally fallen into place. Small pieces, sure, but they're better than nothing at least. :P

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