Wednesday Writing Essentials 4/18/12 WWE Picky Eaters

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I’m not a picky eater but I drew the line at my grandfather’s Hubbard Squash. He loved this stuff and I guess I would have too if he hadn’t loaded it down with pepper. I can’t eat pepper, my mom loved pepper so I learned to deal with it somewhat. When I got old enough to tell her how my mouth and tongue swelled up when I ate too much pepper she started using less and would try not to pepper mine if we had chicken or some other entrée where we got separate portions. Now I only had to deal with my grandfather who had never heard of anyone being allergic to pepper. He would gouge out huge helpings of Hubbard Squash to me and I would turn it over on my plate and eat everything that didn’t have pepper on it in any way. I would then leave the rest on the side of my plate. Soon I was standing in the corner for not eating all of my food, but as long as I didn’t have to eat it afterward, I was fine. My mother finally got up the courage to tell him not to give me any pepper because I wasn’t doing this to be bad, that I couldn’t eat the pepper. When she was done my grandfather scrapped up some squash black with pepper and put it on his plate and gave me the squash from underneath with no pepper on it at all. I ate all of it even though I hated the taste. One terrible problem solved at 9 years old…now if I could get my mother to stop putting a layer of pepper in the potato soup!!

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