Wednesday Writing Essentials 5/16/12 Cars and Trucks

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The Rules:

Keep in mind, this is a monitored group and there are only a couple of rules, which are:

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Most important:

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Write in any form you desire about:  Cars and Trucks 


My First Car


My first car was purchased when I was 21; I had saved enough money to get a vintage 1962 Chevy Belaire. It looked real good and my mom’s boyfriend checked out the engine for me so I thought it was a steal at 250 dollars. As soon as I brought it home, my son wanted to go for a ride so I packed up my son and my sister and we went for a ride.

My sister soon found out that the passenger side of the front seat had a hole in the floorboard. We came home and checked it out. I pulled up the mat and there was a 12 inch round hole in the floor. Not good at all. Then my son said the floor in the back was kind of squishy, again not good. I checked the back seat and discovered holes in the floor boards there as well.

I checked the driver’s side and discovered a hole behind the gas, brake and clutch pedals. I called my mom and told her what I had found and she sent her boyfriend over to help. He had me get in the car and follow him back to the guy who sold it to me and he told me to wait by the car.

About 15 minutes later he came back with the guy who sold it to me. The man apologized to me and gave me my money back. His face was really red and he wouldn’t look at Bill. I never found out what he said to that man but I found I did not want him on my bad side!!

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