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Write (in any form you desire) about birds.


I suppose you could call Alex a pet. We were leaving our weekend retreat and headed back to Phoenix to prepare for work the next day. All we did was stop at the local pub to say ‘see ya next week’ to our friends and left. However, upon arriving home and unpacking the stuff in our camper covered pickup, we discovered that someone had put Alex back there. We knew about Alex. We knew his owner was looking to give it away. We also had been told he was potty trained. NOT.

We put this beautiful gray, black beaked goose with a black stripe down his back in our bathroom for lack of any other place to put him. I may be dumb and I don’t like to lie, but I’m not stupid. If I call my boss and tell him the truth he would fire me for one of two reasons; 1) he wouldn’t believe me if I told him I had a goose in my bathroom making a mess or 2) he’d believe me. What’s a girl to do? I lied.

So the next day we built a fence in our back yard and were grateful that the goose appeared to be mute. We slowly tamed him to the point where we could catch him. Summer was coming on and it was far too hot in Phoenix for poor Alex, so we took him to our weekend retreat. There we had a pond. Poor Alex – stuffed between my feet along with a barrel of water, taking a one hour trip in our car that had no air conditioning. I did my best to keep him cool and surprise of all surprises – Alex decided to become a pet. Turned out that Alex wasn’t a mute. Goose coos are so sweet.

Later we did find it necessary to change Alex’s name to Alexandria. Really. Does anyone know how to tell the difference until they start laying eggs? With no gander around and Alexandria trying to hatch those eggs, she lost half her weight. She wouldn’t eat or drink and when we got rid of the eggs, she rolled rocks up and tried to hatch them.

If you love your pets, they can’t be ignored and we bought and placed under her, two goslings. That’s all it took. They grew up to be gull durned white geese. WHITE GEESE BITE!

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