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Write (in any form you desire) about birds.

In 2001 I became a housekeeper for an elderly gentleman who had lost his wife to cancer. He was quite eccentric but loved to feed the birds. Any bird was alright with him except for the crows and blue jays. We fed all of them from the tiny chickadee, to the occasional lost cardinal. Robins and starlings fed beside canaries and mourning doves. Hummingbirds would feed from the flowers growing around the house. Sometimes it was like living in a bird sanctuary.


Sadly, Jack is gone now he has joined his wife of so many years. I see that new people are in the house and I wonder if they take the time to feed the birds like Jack did and chase away the blue jays and the crows. Do they tend the flowers the hummingbirds love so much? One last look at a memory I have cherished for 11 years. Here’s to you Jack!

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