(Wednesday Writing Essentials – WWE – Cats) Queen of the night.

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He left her.  It was so long ago.

Once upon a time, they were a pair.

She ruled him and he knew it.

But then came the day of change.


The job where he should never have worked

did its job on him better than he could’ve at it.

For the place had never bothered to invest the money

that was required for keeping its workers safe.


And as that which she could not command spread through his body,

he had no choice but to leave behind what took him a lifetime to build.

He died, with her in his arms, and she cried for him until morning.

Others came in and took away everything in her castle.


But they left her behind.

One person at least had the decency, if that’s what one wants to call it,

to let her out and grant her freedom. 

And to this day, she longs to have again the servant she loved so well.


However, the time came to face reality. 

The days of bliss were over now.  Her kingdom must expand.

So she moved on, wandering through the world.

She returned, guided by her nose, to the place where other slaves lived.


But instead of a new subject, she discovered a world of battle.

Her initiation to this world came from a dog with no courtesy.

However, this night of total terror showed her her greatest power.

She came out, and taught him a lesson in manners.  And then she moved on.


She came by to the fish market, where other cats had come.

They resented her intrusion, and so she moved on.

Eventually, she found a place where there were no other cats.

And therefore she claimed this place, and ruled it well.


Though she missed her beloved human, the time of being his was gone.

Life here was not fantastic, but she took what there was and made it hers.

She learned to take it all in stride. 

She became the Queen of the night.

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