Wednesday Writing Essentials (WWE, Len Maxwell 4/25/12)

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Wednesday Writing Essentials (WWE, Len Maxwell 4/25/12)


Challenge 1:  Write a story about why Len won’t post his steak story.  Is he chicken?  Was it a chicken steak, beef steak, rattlesnake steak…?  Or,


Challenge 2:  Write a story about your own experience with your steak.  The weirder the better.


Ideas: I’ll be anxiously waiting to read your ideas.

Suggestions: Sure, please correct my grammar and send me challenges you’d like to see.

The Rules:

Make sure you put this (WWE, 4/25/12, Len Maxwell in your title.

Be sure to tag it with WWE, Len Maxwell, Gather Writing Essentials.

Post to Gather Writing Essential.

I ask that you make your submission(s) by next Tuesday afternoon.

There is a limit of three submissions from each member per day. If you’re extremely prolific, spread out your work and post only three submissions per day.


I think Len hasn’t written about his first steak experience because he is afraid he will gross us out. Of course it will be a beef steak because he loves beef. I personally feel that a nice thick Delmonico steak is the way to go but that’s just me. Whatever it is, I hope these posts will convince Len to tell his steak story. Here is my own steak story.

We were having a party at Tiny’s Bar and everyone was making their favorite meal. I made my bbq sausages and meatballs a day ahead of time so they could marinate. For the main meal I had four huge round steaks that were going to become grilled fajitas with onions tomatoes and green peppers. I started the grill and put one steak on the grill; while it was browning I got a call from my apartment for help. I went in and found four people fighting for space at my stove. I got that straightened out and ran back to my steak which was now on fire on the grill. I used my tongs to pluck it off of the grill and saw it was a fire from the drippings of the steak. My steak was fine but I stayed to watch all four of them grill and told everyone to fend for themselves!!

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