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It matters not what you plant, where you plant it, or when you plant it, there will always be noxious weeds springing up, unwelcomed, among our beautiful plants, whether they be roses or rutabaga.  The weeds don’t need to predominate; we can control them, we can eliminate them from our garden.  Our garden is our environment, our kingdom.

We all have weeds in our lives – they are everywhere.  But we don’t need to tolerate them, associate with them, allow them to influence us, become like them.  We can rise above them, stand up for what we know is right, help promote a weedless world.

These days it seems our earth is overrun with weeds – malevolent, obnoxious, life-destroying weeds, weeds masquerading as colorful, sweet-smelling herbs and flowers.  We can pluck them out – unmask them for what they are.  We can plant ever more fragrant blossoms, until they predominate and cover the earth with beauty.

It’s up to us.  Do we want to wallow in chocking, strangling, suffocating weeds, or basque in the beauty of the best of what God has to offer?  We can choose – what will be our decision?

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